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Meet The Team

Salon Staff

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Ann Tyler: Owner/ Nail Technician

Dawn Zimmerman: Owner/ Hairdresser

Sarah Caywood:  General Manager/Hairdresser/Make up Artist

Kim Kowatch:  Director of Education/Hairdresser/Nail Technician

Daniell Brewbaker:  Retail Manager/ Hairdresser

Amanda Kearney: Bridal Specialist/ Hairdresser/Make up Artist

Nancy Salter: Nail Technician

Gretchen Kishter: Hairdresser

Sam Beers: Hairdresser/Nail Technician/Make up Artist

Melony Burns: Hairdresser/Make up Artist

Katie Martin: Hairdresser

Carrie Mathews: Nail Technician

Amy Ash: Hairdresser

Lauren Burns: Hairdresser/ Make up Artist

Amber Stevens: Hairdresser

Becca Baker: Hairdresser

Sarah Roberts: Hairdresser

Melissa Winfield: Hairdresser

Olivia Hobbs: Hairdresser

Ashley Butler: Nail Technician

Liliana Hernandez: Nail Technician/Hairdresser

Walter Powell: Hairdresser

Amelia McDuffee: Hairdresser/Make up Artist

Casey Sparkman: Hairdresser

Ashlea Farinholt: Hairdresser

Samantha Reichenbaugh: Hairdresser

Sharon Sanders: Master Nail Technician

Amanda Gilbert: Nail Technician

Support Staff

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Anne Moore: Head Salon Coordinator

Katelyn Burdette: Assistant

Alicia Popovich: Salon Coordinator/Assistant

Tori Loss: Salon Coordinator/Assistant

Elizabeth Rodriguez: Salon Coordinator